The customer is responsible for the proper use of the dumpster and shall be held financially responsible for any damages to the dumpster or violations of the conditions noted below.


  • No filling the dumpster above its top edge.

  • No filling the dumpster with its gate open.

  • No mechanical packing of the dumpster.

  • No tires, batteries, liquids, hazardous waste, Freon containing equipment or closed drums.

  • No moving the dumpster unless alternate arrangements are made.  If moved, a $100 charge will be assessed.

  • The customer is responsible for deploying protective measures to prevent any damage to driveways, lawns or other property.

  • The quoted price includes the disposal of two tons for a 10-cy, two and half tons for a 15-cy or three tons for a 20-cy dumpster. If exceeded, an overweight charge at $80/ton will be applicable. If filled beyond the physical limitations of our trucks' five tons, an overweight dumpster may require partial unloading at the customer’s expense.

  • Roofing materials are limited to a maximum of 20-square for all dumpsters.      

  • Standard pricing is for a maximum seven-day rental unless alternate arrangements are made.  


SAY Services, LLC