SAY Dumpsters

As a locally owned and operated independent solid waste hauler since 2011, SAY Dumpsters offers roll-off dumpster rental and waste removal.  
To serve you better, we have dumpster yards in Marysville and Bellefontiane. 

We service the communities of Marysville, Bellefontaine, Urbana, Delaware, Dublin, Kenton and the surround areas. Please see our Service Area Map. 

We offer 10, 15 and 20-cubic yard roll-off dumpsters for your residential, commercial or construction waste disposal needs. 

Our fleet of some 100 "lime green" dumpsters are all new in the last five years.  

We accept cash, checks and major credit cards. Plus 2% applies to all credit card payments to cover the credit card processing fee.  

Dumpsters' Price and Included Maximum Weight: 

10-cubic yard @ $250 with an included 4000 lbs of waste disposal. ($255 for card payment); 
15-cubic yard @ $300 with an included 5000 lbs of waste disposal; ($306 for card payment) and 
20-cubic yard @ $350 with an included 6000 lbs of waste disposal ($357 for card payment).
Any weight overages (greater than the included tonnage) are billed at $100 per ton. 
Standard pricing is for a 7-day dumpster rental. 
>>>These prices are good for Union and Logan Counties. We do service further out, but please ask Stan specifically about your location. <<< 
A dedicated 10-cy dumpster can be provided for concrete, brick and soil (clean hard fill) with a maximum of five tons per dumpster, which is the maximum safety hauling capacity of our trucks. Please ask Stan for details...  

Dumpsters' Approximate Dimensions: 

10-cubic yard = 14' long x 3.5' high x 8' wide...which is equal to 3 1/3 full size truck beds. 
15-cubic yard = 16' long x 4.0' high x 8' wide...which is equal to 5 full size truck beds. 
20-cubic yard = 16' long x 5.5' high x 8' wide...which is equal to 6 2/3 full size truck beds. 

Please no tires, large batteries, bulk liquids, hazardous waste, Freon containing appliances or closed drums. 

SAY Dumpsters is your local mini roll-off container service! 

Stanley A. Yanczura
SAY Dumpsters
SAY Services, LLC